EnlargeVirtualization Based Security (VBS)

 EnlargeVirtualization Based Security (VBS) has almost no impact on performance in Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R20

Switching on VBS costs performance, however, after the colleagues started the web-based browser benchmark "Principled Technologies WebXPRT 3" . As you can clearly see from the following results, the performance decreased by 7 to 15 percent when VBS was switched on:

 EnlargePrincipled Technologies WebXPRT 3: In the web-based browser benchmark you can see the first performance losses with activated VBS

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But the 5th generation Skylake chip with activated VBS was not only less powerful when surfing. Also in PCMark 10 - the benchmark executes script-controlled tasks in Microsoft Word , Excel , PowerPoint and Edge - the computing power collapsed: Executing in the safer mode costs around 16 percent for PowerPoint , almost 11 percent for Excel and 14 percent performance for Word (see the following Diagram).

EnlargePCMark 10: Even with the in-house Office programs Excel, Powerpoint and Word, VBSs causes performance losses of up to 16 percent

Other Intel and AMD CPUs tested

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You are probably wondering what difference it makes if you turn on VBS, Core Isolation, and Memory Isolation on other generations of Intel and AMD CPUs. The PCWorld colleagues have also tested this with the web-based browser benchmark "Principled Technologies WebXPRT 3" for the following CPU generations: As an AMD representative on a current Ryzen 5800U as well as the Intel generations of the current Tiger Lake architecture of the 11th. Generation down to the 10th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 4th generation.

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